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My name is Melissa DeHart, and this portfolio was originally created to showcase what I consider to be my best achievements in the Editing and Writing in a Mediated Public Sphere course for the fall semester of 2014.  I have carefully chosen sixteen assignments-- varying from prezi's to simple blog posts-- which I believe exemplify the analytical development I have culminated throughout the semester.  


Once you navigate to the Projects section of my portfolio, you will notice a number of pictures posted on a grid.  Each picture is embedded with a link to the project associated with each concept.  I have arranged the projects in accordance of importance, with the first row consisting of all the major projects, the second row consisting of a "short assignment" analysis pertinent to the major project above it, and finally the third row containing blog posts with less detailed analyses of the subject or relevant topic. 


You can also peruse the final outcome of an assignment I completed for my What is a Text? course in the Spring of 2015. By clicking on the "Text Project" link, you will be taken to a website I created to portray the texts which I encounter on a daily basis.  Going with the theme of the course, I incorporate everything as a text-- from music to Youtube videos to flyers.


Finally, you are welcome to visit the portfolio I created for my undergraduate internship with LobbyQ.  I completed this internship during the summer of 2015, and during the semester I wrote content for the LobbyQ blog.  I also managed the LobbyQ Facebook and Twitter accounts. By clicking the link in the menu bar, you will be taken to the portfolio website.




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